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BTS - Anglais Chapitre 22 - Retailing and our everyday environment

BTS - Anglais Chapitre 22 - Retailing and our everyday environment


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BTS - Anglais Chapitre 22 - Retailing and our everyday environment

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Without any doubt except if you are living in a cave, you have noticed that the way people consume has changed a lot. Retailing is the main stream followed by marketing managers. Indeed, the way they will perceive how people shop will guide the policies led by the company, the choices that would be made for the future and the choices made to defy competitors. They have to find the best locations, work on the availabilities of products, be close to their customers’ emotions and purchasing powers. They also have to develop a service to help customers.



Plan du document :


I. In the past


II. Nowadays





I. In the past


People were shopping in hypermarkets and shopping malls which have sprung in suburbs or on the outskirts of large cities such as the Val Europe near Disneyland or the Mall of America in Minnesota. People found everything at the same place and were shopping once a week, using loyalty cards and sales, sometimes with big discounts (Black Friday in the USA is waited by many customers and is very often a time of huge craziness among them)


City centers were deserted and many small shops had to close because of the lack of customers. Their prices were generally higher because they had a lot of overheads to deal with and their rents were much higher. Their stock was small and they had to change collections twice in a year which was often perceived by customers as disappointing not to say boring. The hours proposed by these shops were limited and busy people had not time to go downtown during the week.


 The boom of hypermarkets allowed them to spend one day in the same place and the possibility to buy every kind of item from food to clothes.





II. Nowadays


New rules have been established. Shopping centers developers have to prove that the location they have chosen is the best one as there is no other possibility in the city and very often some mayors refuse to give them planning permission or extension permission. it is a way for them to keep local shops in the center of their town attractive and provider of employment.


The permits are difficult to obtain because of the suspension of more malls in France and in the UK too.


Furthermore, there is a real wish from mayors to reduce pollution and traffic jam. They would like to keep green spaces around their towns to make them more attractive for tourists.


Some areas are completely dedicated to shopping and are considered as polluting visually speaking. Indeed, there are big posters everywhere, a visual pollution for people living nearby.


In shopping malls, pedestrian areas are proposed where each customer can wander around a tropical forest or enjoy a playtime with kids. In Confluence in Lyon for instance, your children can play in the sand for a while as you are sipping a cup of coffee or your teenager can go climbing on a wall while you are doing your nails at the nail shop not far. Everything is done to leave the consumer in the best condition to shop. Malls take into account the growth of your wallet but also your well-being.


Malls are renovated when considered too old, equipped with new technologies, such as shop locations. It is very common to find a piano playing by itself just to distract people around. The music has been changed too. End of aggressive music.


According to the time of the day the music is changed.


The scents are studied and they are changing too.


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