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BTS - Anglais Chapitre 6 - Gap Year : A career boosting process ?

BTS - Anglais Chapitre 6 - Gap Year : A career boosting process ?


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BTS - Anglais Chapitre 6 - Gap Year : A career boosting process ?

Extrait du document

After one or two years spent on the benches of school, after getting a degree or to complete a diploma, many young people have the opportunity to go abroad as trainees. They find jobs in various sectors and can complete their knowledge either on the subject they were studying or they find a job just to allow them to stay in the country they have chosen for a while. Back home this experience will be on their résumé and allow them to justify in front of potential employers their skills and all their abilities.


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Plan du document :


I. A gap year ; an enrichiring experience ?


1) Humanly speaking

2) Professionally speaking

3) Financially speaking



II. A gap year : An enrichiring experience ? not always






I. A gap year ; an enrichiring experience ?


1) Humanly speaking


School is a place where you learn how to socialize, at a very young age you are confronted to others.

You learn how to be a part of a group and how to develop your potential through various learnings. Everybody is at the same age and at the same level as school is based on equality of chances.

Little by little you shape your cultural background, knowledge, your ability to understand, to explain, to share. Competition is reduced, sometimes encouraged but always in a healthy way. The aim is to help you to excel, to find resources inside you that you would never thought you had.



2) Professionally speaking


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3) Financially speaking


Very often students complain that when they are at school they are earning no money. They work but get no financial rewards, nor did their parents who have to make sacrifices to register them into the best schools, or universities.


 A gap year is a way to earn some money for a while and to discover what a budget is, how to balance it and how to face invoices, savings.


It is a concrete discovery for young people who even if they got some pocket money had to deal with the money they have earn by working.

 Indeed, many of them have pocket money with few house chores, or because of a generous grandparent or for their birthday.


They will discover that you are not always rewarded for what you have done, that some people around them are earning more by doing less. They discover inequalities, denial and selflessness.






II. A gap year : An enrichiring experience ? not always


For some, a break during their academic curriculum is far from being the best thing to do. Indeed, some students do not want to go abroad as they do not want to work abroad. They think that they can gain some experience in their own country as trainees. They hope they will be hired after their training session by their employers.


it is just a profit-making venture for many of them.


Some can’t afford to go abroad and they prefer to find a training session not far from home in order to avoid the costs of travel, accommodations.


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