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BTS - Anglais Chapitre 12 - How does mobile phone illustrate globalization

BTS - Anglais Chapitre 12 - How does mobile phone illustrate globalization


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BTS - Anglais Chapitre 12 - How does mobile phone illustrate globalization

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Mobiles phones are part of our everyday life. This product is so run on the mill that it is almost impossible to conceive our lives without it as it requires few skills to use and can provide loads of information.
Even in underdeveloped countries, mobile phones are used and as we can see on the picture above, even if you live in a secluded place you can meet people with mobile phones or people using modern technologies.

This product is the very emblem of globalization and of development. Since the years 2000, we can see the increase of its diffusing.



Plan du document :


I. We may wonder : How is it an indication of development


II. Some usefu words


III. Some udeful notions






I. We may wonder : How is it an indication of development


First of all, mobile phones are a global product.


 Indeed, the product is elaborated by a chain integrated in exchange networks. It allows a massive diffusion on international markets.

Telecommunications are part of the wireless systems which broadcast information around the world.


Mobiles have undergone various changes due to a different relationship to the territory.

For instance, Nokia has some plants in Finland (where the product has been created) but also in China and in India (to limit some production costs on the one hand but also to have a larger distribution)


The relationships towards territories are modified, China has 564 million of subscribers, therefore the represent a huge market to conquer, possibilities are numerous in countries where everything has to be done from water supplying like in Africa to telecommunications development.


Of course mobile phones is widely developed in northern countries but little by little the Economic South (Southern America and South Africa) received the same equipment.

On the other hand, we can say that its marketing is worldwide (iPhones are sold almost everywhere around the globe, even not every population can afford it).

Its various apps and features access to internet, social networks lead to the borders’ abolishment.


A cultural globalization is on the way.


Furthermore, mobile phones contribute to a new international division of work. Dividing the work tasks between countries leads to a lower workforce cost.


Globalization of mobile phones is going to go on, as competition between producers, customers and transports are shared with the constant use of information easy to reach and to share.


Each economic actor can produce wherever he lives and contributes to the spreading of the globalization phenomenon.


Mobiles operators are looking for cheap labor force around the world. Those who are located in Europe face many problems to be competitive against Asian giants as Sing Tel or against China Mobile.



Transnational firms have to relocate to lower their work costs. For instance, The USA relocate in Asia and in Southern America, China relocates in Indonesia.

Their headquarters are staying on the mother land but manufacturing is abroad.

China and Japan are now in competition with the USA as their workforce is asking for better paid jobs too.

Those countries are part of a triade.


But we can notice that mobile phones have flaws and can illustrate inequalities raised by globalization.


Indeed, the counterfeit market is more and more important in Asia and in Africa. There is a widening gap between North and South as countries as Africa are much more concerned by finding resources to feed its population.



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II. Some usefu words


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III. Some udeful notions


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