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Bac Technologique : Sujet LV2 - Anglais

Bac Technologique : Sujet LV2 - Anglais


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Bac Technologique : Sujet LV2 - Anglais

Extrait du document

Téléchargez gratuitement le sujet de LV2 Anglais du Bac Technologique 2016.


Ce sujet se compose de 2 parties :

  • Compréhension de l'écrit : 10 points
  • Expression écrite : 10 points



Partie 1 : Compréhension de l'écrit


Document à analyser :

Document 1 : Email frome President Obama : "My fifth-Grade Teacher"

Document 2 : "Brilliant Bus" shrinking digital divide,




Questions :


Document 1

A. Copy the following sentences and fill in the gaps with the appropriate elements.

1) The text is a/an (nature of the document) __________. 2) (name)__________ remembers (name)__________, who was his (job) ___________ when he was in (school level)___________.


B.1) True or False? Justify your answer by quoting the text.

a) The author thought he was like the other kids. b) The author loved being the center of attention. c) That school year still influences him in his job today. d) People who read the text are expected to write back.

2) Choose the appropriate element to complete the sentence and justify by quoting the text.

The author feels that what matters to him today comes a- only from this teacher. b- only from his family. c- both from his family and his teacher.



Télécharger le document pour voir l'ensemble des questions




Partie 2 : Expression


Les candidats doivent traiter, au choix, un des 2 sujets suivants :


A. You are a student and you want to help the community during your free time. Choose the activity you want to do from the following list. Write a letter to the association you want to work for and explain your motivations.

1- Helping students do their homework.

2- Serving meals to homeless people.

3- Visiting old people at home.

4- Volunteering for environmental work.


B. This is your last year in high school. For the graduation ceremony (when you receive your diploma in front of everybody else), you have to prepare a speech in which you explain what you will remember about your high school years. Write the speech you are going to deliver on that special occasion.

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