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Bac Technologique : Corrigé LV1 - Anglais

Bac Technologique : Corrigé LV1 - Anglais


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Bac Technologique : Corrig LV1 - Anglais

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Voici le corrigé de l'épreuve de LV1 - Anglais du bac Technologique





Document 1


A. What activity do Harold Fry and Matt Green have in common? write down the answer onto your paper


Harold Fry and Matt Green are sharing the same love for new experiences among which there is walking and discovering new parts of their country.


B. 1) Fill in the gap with words from the list below. Copy the paragraph onto your paper.


The author Dan Rubinstein changed his life. He stopped working and started walking and writing about other people’s personal experiences. One of his examples is about Matt Green who also decided to change his life.


B. 2) why did Matt Green make that decision? (2 reasons). find a quotation for each reason.


Reason 1: he no longer enjoyed what he was doing after his girlfriend had left him: (line 4) “the relationship ended and he found it difficult to justify doing a job he didn’t enjoy”


Reason 2: he was working for money but in fact he didn’t need so much (line 4) “a job he didn’t enjoy for money he didn’t need”




C. 1.

Look at the map and write down the different steps of Matt Green’s trip in chronological order. Associate each step with appropriate letter.


Step 1: Rockaway Beach, Queens (letter C)

Step 2: Chicago (letter A)

Step 3: Rockaway Beach (letter D)

Step 4: New York City (letter B)



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  1. which movement best represents where Hartold comes from and where he is now? Choose the right itinerary and write it down onto your paper


4-countryside ------> city


  1. Choose the adjectives which best describe his feelings towards the places and pick out 1 quotation to justify each answer. copy your answers onto your paper.


  • He comes from a- positive


“he had developed a slow inner rhythm that the fury of the city now threatened to overturn”


2) here he is now      b- negative

“ he felt anything might happen, and that whatever it was he wouldn’t be ready”






`1) Answer the questions by quoting the text. Copy your answers onto your paper.


  1. What sort of food was he offered?

He was offered some snacks  (line 23) : “ an array of sandwiches “

he didn’t know if he wanted some sushis : (line 25) : “ Sushi ?

he could have chosen the “ Peking duck wraps” (line 26)



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  1. Magic Wildlife hike


Hi, Mark

Hope you are fine? As i am concerned I have visited a wildlife site and had a 4 day walk with an expert. Awesome! We saw some many beautiful landscapes; some many creatures we don’t even know they were existing. The food was rather good in the hostels we were staying in. Of course things were not all so cool. I forgot the blisters and nights at the hostels were quite noisy, but what an experience man, believe me it was something to do again.

See you




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